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November 5, 2014



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The Township of Athens Volunteer Fire Department received 264 combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms as part of Enbridge’s Project Zero, plus $5,000 for additional educational training materials through Enbridge’s Project Assist. (In photo): Scott Parrington (Enbridge), David Marshall (Enbridge), Ron Karas, John Doucet from the Office of the Fire Marshal; Athens Fire Chief Charlie Smid; Deputy Chief Mike Smid, Tony Montgomery, Clark Schaafsma, and Gord Lewis (Enbridge) with the newly received smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.          Photo: Matt Flikweert



Donation for Athens Fire Fighters


By Matt Flikweert


Enbridge Gas Distribution, the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council and the Township of Athens Fire Department worked together in Enbridge’s Project Zero and Project Assist to provide 264 combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms (Project Zero) to reduce the number of fire and carbon monoxide-related deaths and purchase new training programs (Program Assist). 

Project Zero began in 2009. It’s been launched in 64 Ontario communities to date.                                                                                          

This year’s $100,000 Enbridge donation to both Projects will allow for the expansion of Project Zero to an additional thirteen communities. Project Assist has benefited 59 Ontario fire departments since it began in 2012.

“Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are critical life safety devices. They detect the presence of smoke and deadly gas and provide those precious seconds for occupants to escape. Everyone needs to have them in their homes,” said Ted Wieclawek, Ontario Fire Marshall. Chief of Emergency Management and Chair of the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council.

“Firefighting is a dangerous and unpredictable profession. Regular training is an important part of being prepared for any hazardous situation. Enbridge’s Project Assist improves access to training materials for municipal fire departments and positively contributes to overall firefighter health and safety,” he added.

“Being a small community with a small tax base, the Fire Department and residents of the Township of Athens are very thankful that we have a company like Enbridge to donate money for firefighting and smoke/ carbon monoxide alarms that the Fire Department can use to promote fire safety in the Township,” stated Athens Fire Chief Charles Smid.

Athens Mayor Herb Scott said “On behalf of the Township of Athens residents and the Athens Fire Department, I would like to thank Enbridge Gas Distribution for their donation to the Fire Department. Any time a company gives to a community, it is worthy of thanks and recognition, Thank you.” 

It is the law that every home must have a working smoke alarm on every storey and outside all sleeping areas. While the Hawkins Gignac Act, which gives the government the authority to make having a carbon monoxide detector mandatory, is in the process of being finalized, a carbon monoxide detector is highly recommended by the Ontario Fire Marshall.





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Local Municipal elections run smoothly



By Brenda Visser


Municipal elections held on Wednesday, October 28, 2014 ran smoothly in our region, with a strong turnout for those who could vote electronically.

Township of Athens

The Township of Athens had little change, with only one new councillor, Rhonda Ferguson, whose campaign signs said she was the choice for families.

Longtime Mayor Herb Scott was acclaimed for another term. He will continue to work with incumbent councillors Rob Layng, Darin Alguire, Greg Kearney, Les Coutlee, and Gary Sheffield.

The vote count was very close in Athens, with all the councillors, except Rob Layng, separated by only 38 votes.

 Leeds and Thousands Islands

In the Township of Leeds and the Thousands Islands, 31.92% of all eligible voters made their mark electronically, while only 8.60% voted manually.

The only township in the Mural circulation to have a mayoral election, Joe Baptista won with 68.66% of  votes cast. He begins his new role with the following elected councillors:

Ward 1- Harold Emmons, Jeff Lackie, Vicki Leakey

Ward 2- Liz Huff, John Paul Jackson

Ward 3- Geraldine Last


For the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley, Mayor Jim Pickard was acclaimed in his position and will be joined by councillors Jason Barlow,  Earl Brayton, Dan Downey, Christina Eady, Jim Miller, and Rob Smith.

Front of Yonge

In the Front of Yonge Township, no voters came in for the school trustee election, as their Mayor, Roger Haley, and all councillors- Richard Marcoux, Carson Massey, Jeffrey Poole, and Gail Williams, were acclaimed.

School Board Trustee results held steady as well, with John McAllister (English Public School Board), Anouk Tremblay (French Catholic School Board), and Robin L. Reil (English Separate School Board) all being acclaimed in their positions.

The French Public School Board Trustee election was won by Rachel LaForest.

Rideau Lakes

Mayor Ronald E. Holman was re-elected.  Councillor Ward 1: Bastard & South Burgess: Doug Good

Councillor Ward 1: Bastard & South Burgess went to Cathy Livingston

Councillors Ward 2: South Elmsley are Arie Hodgenboom and Jeff Banks

Councillors Ward 3: South Crosby:  Claire Gunnewiek and Linda Carr

Councillors Ward 4: North Crosby Ron Pollard and Bob Lavoie

Councillor Ward 5: Newboro represented by Cathy Monck

Trustee - English Public School Board: Susan Richards

Trustee - English Separate School Board: Robin Reil

Peacefully electing our leaders is a privilege to be thankful for especially in light of the upcoming Remembrance Day.



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