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September 3, 2014



Cornfest Parade.jpg


Max McBride, Nolan McCann, Kenzie McCann and Asia McBride were part of the Cornfest Children’s Parade.                                        Photo: Matt Flikweert                                                                                              


Children’s parade, music, food and free fun


By Matt Flikweert


Cornfest 2014, hosted on August 16, attracted visitors who enjoyed corny donuts, corn-on-the-cob, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones and more.  It all started with a Cornfest Breakfast at 7.30 am at Christ Church, and progressed into activities all during the day on and around Main Street Athens from early morning until late at night. The Athens Skating Club presented a pre-teen Cornfest Dance on Friday at the JBC.

Residents and volunteers dressed the village in its Cornfest Best. Unimpeded by motorized traffic on Main Street, visitors walked enjoyed events, socialized, participated, and generally had a marvellous time at the annual event. Afternoon rain did not seem to affect overall attendance and the general enthusiasm of the popular Athens event was as good as ever.

Enjoying this year’s Cornfest, folks are also looking forward to next year’s 35th anniversary.

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Jimmy Paterson's Home Child Trunk arrives at its Athens Museum home.jpg


Jimmy Paterson's Home Child Trunk arrives at its new Athens Museum home.                                                                              Photo: Sally Smid   


Home Child Day planned for Athens


By Sally Smid


Canada's British Home Children were primarily between infancy and 18 years of age when they arrived here from Great Britain. They were not generally orphans, but were impoverished for various reasons and usually institutionalized in a workhouse, residential school or farm, reformatory, or home run by one of a variety of philanthropic societies. 

These children were in such circumstances usually because they were too poor to survive without public support. Often the local church and legal authorities considered the child's moral upbringing to be at risk. Sometimes one or both parents were dead or incapacitated. The children were often taken off the streets if seen as trouble-making delinquents. The final destination was often emigration and the chance for a better life.

Both Canadian and British governments supported this program which reduced the costs on the British public purse and for Canada it provided work for older children. Those under 10 were often adopted by interested families. Some 100,000 home  children came to Canada between 1869 and 1940.  Today it is estimated that one out of five Canadians have descended from British Home Children. 

Three years ago Sept. 28 was designated as Home Child Day in Ontario.  The Athens and Area Heritage Society, in co-operation with the Ontario East British Home Child Family is providing a day of celebration in Athens on Saturday, Sept. 27. The opening ceremonies will take place at 10 am in the park beside the Harvest Cafe and there will be displays at Joshua Bates Centre and the Athens Museum as well as presentations in the Baptist Church. The day includes displays, genealogical searches, walking tours, children’s activities, refreshments and an evening dinner as well.

An added attraction will be the Home Child Trunk that once belonged to Jimmy Paterson.  He provided the Home Child Monument in the park. Brockville museum decided to de-accession the trunk along with various items that would be better suited for the Athens archives.

Joan O’Malley, the daughter of a Home Child  and the woman who sewed the first Canadian flag will be a featured speaker and will also provide a display.

For more information and to make dinner reservations contact AAHS at                                    




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